Courage before words of encouragement

On October 27, 2022, at the People’s Court of Thong Nhat District (Dong Nai) opened a trial for the case of “intentionally causing injury”, I really felt sad and pity for both the victim and the defendant when I learned the reason of the case.

Catch story investlike no big deal. The defendant’s family (temporarily called Mr. A) gave birth to a single child. Every time in the neighborhood gathered for a party, he was always the subject for some drinking friends in the neighborhood to attack with a half-joking, half-truth voice.

Mr. A is a cheerful, sociable person who pays little attention, but every time, he comes over to sit at the same table, as if being mocked and ridiculed with the sentences: “Actually, you’re not very good, take it. wife only knows how to give birth to all ducks”; “Oh, working hard and only taking money to support girls”; then: “Uncle Star sit here again, sit down at a table with some women, that is your place.” Normally, he would just let it go. The few times he reacted strongly by leaving and not participating anymore, he was teased more and more like: “Female nature, it’s a bit of a grudge against a sulky”…

The story goes further and further when the close neighbor is always the first to initiate the sarcasm. Anywhere, whether strange or familiar, he used the story that he had given birth to an only child to “tease for fun.

The day Mr. A was happy to be a manager, he was drinking with his colleagues at the bar, unlucky enough to meet his neighbor drinking with friends, having a little yeast, meeting him again at the wrong time, in the right place. Adding Mr. A’s colleagues to his side encouraged him to beat his neighbor a battle to avoid the habit of many things. With a little yeast in his body, he beat him to the point of being injured right at the bar. So, who were close neighbors, everyone went their separate ways.

At the end of the trial, the defendant was sentenced to one year of non-custodial reform and an additional fine of 30 million VND. But the biggest pain is that neighbor’s feelings for decades have melted into smoke. From close neighbors, now we can’t see each other’s faces.

In fact, teasing each other often happens at the drinking table. I once witnessed a heartbreaking story because more than one cup of wine lost each other, and people lived in obsession and torment. People are forever gone at the most beautiful young age. In the group, there is a very good drinker. He is always confident that he is an “immortal capital”, so he is forced to meet anyone.

At the drinking table, he used provocations to force people to drink. Drink until vomiting and vomit, drink until soft. He just sat satisfied laughing: “The general is so big but weak”; “Weak next time, don’t go to the wind”. If anyone refuses to drink, even women, but most of his subordinates must hear some sarcastic words like: “I love you, I just invited you, if you don’t drink, I despise you”, and then like: “Love comes no, drink up there, you drink like that means you hate me”…

Until one time, break drinking. A man who didn’t know how to drink, just because he drank two or three glasses of respect, was stunned. When leaving, having a traffic accident and leaving forever, people are shocked… People who force drink to live in pain, torment, torment. His catchphrase always has two words “if only…”. But this life does not allow anyone to use those two words.

Many families are at peace, just because of a few words of encouragement from friends and neighbors, they are facing an irreparable breakdown. Now, “I am the one who is afraid of his wife”; “My wife is like a lion in Ha Dong”; “Men have to know how to teach their wives from the very beginning to return home”…The brave one listens to it, laughs it off. The honorable man on upper forearm, lower leg with his wife. The family is at peace, suddenly the rice is not healthy, the soup is not sweet.

I really like the saying: love each other by words, love each other by smiles. Really, let’s give each other sincere words and spread the most positive energy possible. Don’t rub salt into the hearts of others with harsh words, bad sarcasm…. Maybe for you, it’s just the purpose of “tearing for fun”, but the listener is a storm of hearts and consequences. same harm.

Nguyen Minh

Decree 117/2020/ND-CP, stipulating penalties for administrative violations in the health sector:

Article 30. Violation of regulations on drinking alcohol and beer and alcohol-free places (excerpt): A fine ranging from VND 500,000 to VND 1,000,000 shall be imposed for the act of “Inciting, inciting, enticing others”. drinking” and “Forcing others to drink alcohol”.

Article 101. Violation of regulations on forced family planning (excerpt): Warning or a fine of from 200,000 VND to 500,000 VND for the act of “Speaking or acting to offend the honor, dignity, birth control users, all-boys or all-girls”

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