“Classical singers are not difficult to approach”

On Valentine’s Day – Valentine’s Day 2023 she announced her special music project Live Studio Sessions, The project consists of 4 parts with romantic and lyrical songs.

This is the first product in Vietnam made with the technology of recording vinyl directly in Vietnam (if previously Vietnamese singers had to go to the US to make vinyl records, now Pham Thu Ha pioneered in making vinyl records in Vietnam). Vietnam with an all-Vietnamese crew), including 20 famous songs by big names such as: Nguyen Van Ty, Trinh Cong Son, Ngo Thuy Mien, Duc Tri, Do Bao, Bao Chan, Quoc Bao, Viet Anh, Phung Tien Minh, Truong Sa, Chau Dang Khoa… Artist Tuan Nam will take on the role of music director in the project.

“Those are my favorite songs for a long time, used it to reflect on my love life, with enough ups and downs, happiness and sadness… I use music to tell my story. , or in other words, bring your feelings to “reside” in music” – Pham Thu Ha confided.

For many years, Pham Thu Ha has steadfastly pursued the path of classical crossover, bringing classical music mixed with different genres to reach the public. This project once again affirms her efforts, when clearly showing the Populization of the classical singing style, creating a very unique quality for each song, without making them forced and unfamiliar.

Culture - Singer Pham Thu Ha: 'Classical music singers are not difficult to approach' (Figure 2).

In the Live Studio Session project, Pham Thu Ha invited two young artists, Nguyen Dinh Tuan Dung and Pham Anh Duy, to participate.

Pham Thu Ha shared: “I always want to affirm that classical music artists are not difficult to approach, classical singing is not difficult to listen to as people still default. The crew’s biggest wish is to let this product come this time. closer to the public, especially young audiences, helping them to fully feel the beauty of classical music”.

The MVs of the project Live Studio Session will be released in 4 batches in 2023. Meanwhile, the first music program under this project is called Be My Love taking place at 19:00 on 11/2 at the National Museum of History, Hanoi. The program does not sell tickets and guests will freely contribute. All the money collected after the concert, Pham Thu Ha will donate to build a pagoda in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh.

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