Clarifying the case of an 8th grade girl being beaten in the toilet by her classmates

According to VietnamnetOn the afternoon of February 10, a representative of the People’s Committee of Tan Phong Ward (District 7, Ho Chi Minh City) confirmed that the clip of a female student being brutally beaten in the toilet occurred at Nguyen Thi Thap Secondary School.

Before that, on the internet society There was a clip showing a female student being repeatedly hit by a classmate by her hair, and even kicked in the face with her foot in the school’s toilet.

Ms. H. (46 years old, living in District 7), the mother of a female student named A. (14 years old, 8th grade student, Nguyen Thi Thap Secondary School) was beaten in the clip, said as soon as she discovered the clip above. social media and realized it was her daughter, she went to the police station to report.

Security - Criminal - Ho Chi Minh City: Clarifying the case of an 8th grade female student being beaten by a classmate in the toilet

The 8th grade girl was beaten by her classmates in the school toilet. Photos Vietnamnet

According to A.’s mother, through the image in the clip, it can be seen that at the time A. was beaten, there was another female student standing next to her in the toilet and another female student standing to record the video. Ms. H. added that when she got home, A. showed signs of panic, stopped eating but did not dare to tell her parents.

The 11-second clip captures a scene where a female student wearing a short-sleeved shirt and knee-length dress is holding a female student’s hair in gym clothes and repeatedly hitting her head and face with her hands.

When the female student in gym clothes was knocked to the floor of the toilet, she continued to be kicked in the face with her foot. The victim was beaten repeatedly so he could not resist.

Tan Phong ward police have invited relevant parties to the police headquarters to work to investigate and clarify the case.

According to Tien Phongon the evening of February 10, through the HCM City Press Center, the Education and Training Department of District 7 officially informed about the fighting at Nguyen Thi Thap Secondary School on the afternoon of February 8.

According to the District 7 Department of Education and Training, a fight occurred between two female students of grade 8 on the afternoon of February 8 in the student toilet area due to a personal conflict. One of the two students asked another student to use his phone to record and send it back to him to post on his personal Facebook.

After receiving the information, on February 9, the school asked the students to write a report and invited the homeroom teacher and the parents of the students involved to inform the case and cooperate in handling the case. regulations.

The Department of Education and Training in District 7 has strictly requested school leaders to learn from experience in student management, and at the same time directed the school’s principal, in addition to the violating students, to strictly handle (depending on the level). The responsibility of the individuals and departments involved in the case, including the homeroom teacher, the student administrator, and the report on all results of handling teachers, staff and students to the Department of Education and Training.

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