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Children practice until gastritis, parents want to skip the 4th exam in 10th grade

In the last few years, during the exam Admissions In 10 public high schools in Hanoi, students have to take the 4th exam in addition to the 3 compulsory subjects which are math, literature and foreign languages. The fourth exam is usually announced in March every year, randomly selected from one of the following subjects: physics, chemistry, biology, history, geography, civics.

For the 2020 and 2022 exams, Hanoi will cancel the fourth exam due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. This year, many Parents are worried that this exam will come back and put academic pressure on their children.

I study until 1 am, causing my stomach to congested

Ms. Pham Thi Hang – a parent with children studying at MV Lomonosov Middle & High School (My Dinh, Hanoi) supports the removal of the 4th subject in the 10th grade entrance exam to reduce learning pressure for students.

Children practice until gastritis, parents want to skip the 4th exam in grade 10 - 1

Many parents worry that the fourth exam in grade 10 creates unnecessary pressure on their children (Artwork: Canva).

According to Ms. Hang, with the program education In the new high school, students can choose a combination of subjects according to their career orientation based on their ability.

“For example, if my child has strengths in society, career orientation related to the social field in the future, he does not necessarily have to study all natural subjects. The important thing is that he loves and can promote it. their strengths and choices to bring good things to society.

I participated in a number of parent forums, and saw many mothers talking about their children being stressed when they had to study hard for the upcoming 10th grade exam. Having a child who studies until 1:00 in the morning makes the stomach congested. The mother stayed up with the child and as a result, the mother also “sticks” with the symptoms of gastritis.

Most of the parents in the forums that I participate in want Hanoi to drop the 4th exam in 10th grade,” Hang said.

This parent said that if Hanoi still decided to let students take the 4th subject, it should be implemented in a more convincing way. She offers two options:

firstt, the Department of Education and Training should announce the 4th exam subject soon based on the division. For example, students in the social class will take one more social exam, and those in the natural class will take an extra natural exam.

Monday, Students can choose to take an additional test of their own interest and find it suitable for their ability.

Students have to study a few subjects for the 4th exam

Observing her child going to school and studying for the 10th grade exam, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh – a parent whose child is studying in grade 9 at Cau Dien Secondary School (Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi) said that her child’s intensity was no different than that. In the past, when she studied for university entrance exams, there was too much pressure.

Parents are overwhelmed with the current intensity of their children’s learning, which is far different from their time in the past (Artwork: Manh Quan).

According to this parent, her child plans to both take the entrance exam for a specialized school and enter public schools. Entering the second semester, I have to prepare mentally for the 4th exam. The amount of knowledge to review is too much for me.

Ms. Thanh said that at the school where her children are studying, from the first semester, the school cut down the program of studying other subjects to spend time for the students to prepare for the 4th exam with 2 subjects of physics and chemistry. learn. However, it is not certain that the 4th exam will fall into these subjects.

“Because I have to study for the upcoming 10th grade exam, it seems that I can’t study all the subjects in the curriculum, but have to deviate from certain subjects.

Although the extra exam is in the form of multiple choice, the more multiple-choice exams you take, the more you have to learn. Those who choose to attend specialized schools like my children are very pressured, even do not have enough time to focus on the main exam subjects. Since then, it’s easy for me to have a “cabinet” psychology for the fourth exam”, Ms. Thanh said.

Ms. Thanh recalls, in the past, she only had to stay up at night and stay up all day to study for university exams. But now, her daughter studying for the 10th grade exam has to study until 12 at night, wake up at 5 am to continue studying to be able to solve all the homework in the regular class and extra classes, not to mention open the door. wide knowledge.

Due to having to study too much, after the Lunar New Year, children and many friends showed signs of fatigue, giving up studying. Learning results follow the “sine graph”, sometimes up, sometimes down.

According to Ms. Thanh, her child is checked and evaluated by the school once a month. The experience of the school is that children base on this result to choose a school that is suitable for their ability.

However, the results of students over the months are not stable. At the end of the last semester, nearly half of the class parents whispered to each other to reduce the pressure on their children, they would let their children choose a vocational school, no longer taking the high school exam.

Children practice until gastritis, parents want to skip the 4th exam in grades 10 - 3

According to parents, the children are still young and do not deserve the heavy exam pressure (Artwork: Canva).

“I consulted and found that other provinces and cities all organize for students to take 3 main subjects, only Hanoi takes the 4th exam with the goal of comprehensive student assessment. However, from a parent’s perspective, I feel that taking one more subject is not much appreciated. If students only have to take 3 exams, it will be much more convenient for them,” said Ms. Thanh.

Ms. Hoang Hong, whose child is in grade 9 at Le Quy Don Secondary School (Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi), stated that Hanoi students must take a fourth exam, especially that the Department of Education and Training did not announce the exam from the beginning. years before the exam a few months before the announcement is not reasonable.

That way of doing makes students passive, stressed when they have to study very hard, and have to worry about what more subjects to take.

“If the fourth exam is history, which is mandatory for students to take the exam every year, I completely agree. Because history is a very necessary subject for any student, even if they have a natural tendency. natural or social.

But if they have to take one of the remaining subjects, it is very difficult for students who are studying in the natural class to turn to the social class and vice versa. Moreover, the knowledge of the 4th exam will not serve much in later life if the children do not have an inclination towards that subject,” said Ms. Hong.

According to Ms. Hong, her children study well, so they don’t have a hard time studying for exams. However, for those with moderate academic strength, it is very stressful because just reviewing the subjects of literature, math, and English is tiring enough, adding an exam that is not in your forte is even more difficult.

“The fourth exam in 10th grade causes unnecessary stress on students, especially when they are only 15 years old, continuing to study in high school is a legitimate wish. There is a paradox that nowadays, The children studying for the high school graduation exam are not under as much pressure as they are for the 10th grade exam, “said Ms. Hong.

Parents said that the late announcement of the fourth exam subject by the Department of Education and Training also made it difficult for candidates (Artwork: Manh Quan).

Giving his opinion on this issue, Mr. Nguyen Van Duong – Teacher at a math center in Nam Tu Liem district said that the knowledge of 3 subjects of mathematics, literature and English has been prepared by students for 4 years. study, in particular, the fourth exam is almost like fast learning, “cabinet” learning.

“If you take the 4th subject, it will take you more time to review and not evaluate your ability properly. Moreover, this also causes confusion in the admission process. candidate’s wishes.

I think it’s completely possible to fail high school because of the 4th exam, that’s not fair. In particular, the selection of additional exams by lottery is unlucky, red and black, and unconvincing.

The department often publishes this exam in a hurry, making students “familiar” to practice just to finish the exam and pass it reluctantly, “said Mr. Duong.

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