ChatGPT makes poetry telling stories Google ‘smells smoke’ Bing

Microsoft are extremely excited about Bing, the search engine has just integrated AI technology stronger than ChatGPT today. This excitement can be seen in an internal report, which analyzes positive public attitudes around the close relationship between Microsoft and OpenAI – the startup behind ChatGPT.

The Windows maker is investing heavily in OpenAI and plans to integrate the startup’s technology into more products, including Office.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. (Photo: BI)

In an internal report prepared by software services firm Sprinklr for Microsoft, the authors asked OpenAI’s chatbot to write a “funny five-sentence poem about Microsoft’s defeat Google by integrating ChatGPT into Bing”.

Here is ChatGPT’s reply:

“There was once a search engine named Bing

Which was struggling, not doing much thing

But with ChatGPT on its side

It finally got its pride

And left Google searching for its next fling”


There’s a search engine called Bing,

The capital is struggling, it is difficult to have enough roads

But ChatGPT is on its side

Finally got the glory

Leave Google bewildered.)

Bing was born in 2009 and is still far behind Google in terms of users. Google accounts for nearly 90% of the search market. The sudden popularity of ChatGPT and its relationship with Microsoft helped many people show interest in Bing and see Bing as a threat to Google.

On February 8, Microsoft introduced a series of new features on Bing, powered by the AI ​​technology behind ChatGPT such as chat, content summary, editing. A day earlier, Google said it would Launch of the Bard . chatbot to compete with ChatGPT.

In the blog announcing the changes, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella commented: “AI will fundamentally change every category of software, starting with the biggest category: search.”

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