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Beautiful pristine Phu Yen through the 8X photographer lens

Dao Van Vinh (belonging to the first generation 8X, living in Hanoi) used to be a mechanical engineer, now a landscape and project photographer. Talking about his predestined relationship with photography, Mr. Vinh shared that in the 2000s, “traveling” was not as popular as it is now; He often spends his holidays to go to the remote provinces and cities in the Northwest, to discover and experience new things.

Vinh confided: “The scenery and people of the places we have been through are colorful, majestic and extremely beautiful. But over the years, those places have changed, the wild beauty gradually disappears, giving way to the modernity of a new and prosperous life. Since then, I realized that I need to save the present moment as much and as soon as possible. That is also the reason why I plan to quit my job to pursue my passion with the camera.”

Album Phu Yen made by him on a short trip in June this year. This is also his first trip to Phu Yen with the main purpose of taking pictures. “I have been to all provinces and cities on this S-shaped strip of land, but focusing on hunting pictures is mainly in the Northwest provinces such as Ha Giang, Lao Cai, Yen Bai… Because these are the places that create giving me endless creative feelings, is also the place for me to fall in love and come to the profession of photography”, Mr. Vinh shared.

The first time Mr. Vinh came to Phu Yen was during a short trip in 2016. The land full of sunshine, wind and sand has left many memories in the heart of 8X photographer. The roads curving along the beach stretches, the sea water is clear, the small figures rowing baskets in the dawn light. Even the waves when hitting the rocks, sometimes contemplating under the lamp of the sea. Above all, the bright, vibrant colors from the landscape to the people, like spreading the most optimism to the guests right at the first visit, despite the very difficult situation in the eyes of the people. city.

Anh Dao Van Vinh, a photographer of the first generation of 8X, originally came from a mechanical engineer, a profession that seemed unrelated to art.

Coming to Hon Yen (Phu Yen), traveler there will be no need to scuba dive to see the corals. When the tide recedes, you can enjoy watching the colorful and beautiful coral reefs right on land.

Visiting Hon Yen, visitors can not only admire the enchanting coral reefs, but also admire the lively fishing scene of fishermen.
People do aquaculture in Hon Yen
Visiting Phu Tan sedge village with more than 100 years old, visitors can admire from harvesting fresh sedge to drying, dyeing, weaving into mats.

Dai Lanh Cape, also known as Dien Cape, is one of the famous tourist attractions of Phu Yen. This place has a poetic scenery, gentle and kind people. Dai Lanh Cape is the place to welcome the first morning rays of dawn in Vietnam, so it is also known as the easternmost tip – the easternmost point on the mainland.

Dai Lanh Cape was originally a branch of the Truong Son mountain range crashing into the sea. This place is both like a small mountain and an island because there is a freshwater spring separated from the mainland, but it is actually the mainland.

Dai Lanh Lighthouse is a famous check-in point of tourists when visiting Dai Lanh cape


Photo: Vinh DAV

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