Beating down Hai Phong, Hanoi FC won the National Super Cup 2023

The debut of the new coach Hanoi FC – Mr. Bozidar Bandovic is the National Super Cup match between Hanoi FC and Hai Phong. The loss of Van Hau forced the Montenegrin military leader to use Van Kien on the left corridor. In addition, he also introduced foreign soldier William Henrique and put Tuan Hai on the bench. On the other side of the front line, coach Chu Dinh Nghiem did not register Xuan Truong, but launched all three foreign soldiers, Mpande, Okutu and Bicou. right from the start.

With the home field advantage, Hanoi FC is a better team to enter the game than Hai Phong. In the 7th minute, Van Vi would have opened the point for Hanoi if he hadn’t wasted his face-to-face phase with Dinh Trieu after Van Quyet’s poke. In the next minutes, the two teams slowed down and waited for the opponent’s opening.

Vietnam football - Beating Hai Phong, Hanoi FC won the National Super Cup 2023

In the 26th minute, rookie William overcame Van Khoa’s block, then threw a cross to the far post, allowing Lucao to easily open the scoring. The home team of Hang Day Stadium did not stop, 3 minutes after the goal Van Vi had a very tight shot but was stopped by Dinh Trieu, and in the 36th minute he continued to be vigilant to refuse Van Quyet’s volley from a distance. In the next corner situation, William took a very dangerous corner kick into the goal, but Trieu raised his hand to punch the ball to rescue, helping Hai Phong only concede 1 goal at halftime.

With the advantage of the lead, the home team actively slowed down for most of the second half. Meanwhile, coach Chu Dinh Nghiem’s ​​army made great efforts to find an equalizer. The most obvious opportunity created by Hai Phong was the situation where Mpande faced Tan Truong, but foreign soldier No. 7 of the away team failed to take advantage of it.

Many attacks did not score a goal, Hai Phong had to pay the price with the second goal. Van Quyet skillfully escaped to the bottom of the boundary and returned the ball to Van Kien to cross the finish line into an empty net, doubling the gap for Hanoi FC. In the remaining minutes, despite great efforts to attack, Hai Phong could not get the equalizer. In the end, coach Bozidar Bandovic’s team won the 2023 National Super Cup convincingly.

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