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As soon as I mentioned my brother-in-law, my husband was angry and wanted to fire

After graduating from university, Vinh – my younger brother, looked for a job but couldn’t find it. I also don’t understand why after working for a few days, she stops. Sometimes they say that the job is not suitable for their profession, sometimes they are in conflict with colleagues, sometimes the work is too hard, they have to work overtime too much. My parents were sad because of their only son, losing sleep and eating. Every time my wife and I came home to play, my parents would sigh and lament Vinh’s story and say that as long as he went to work, it was as if he and his grandparents had relieved a great burden on their shoulders.

Loving my parents, I asked my husband to arrange for Vinh a position in the company he is working for. My husband is a Director, so this is not too difficult for him.

Currently, my brother has been working for more than a month. A few days ago, during a meal, I asked my husband about Vinh. Unexpectedly, my husband angrily shouted: “If not aunt I quit my job a long time ago.”

I was stunned by my husband’s words. Then my husband got angry. It turns out that my brother’s expertise is very weak, but he likes to teach other people’s lives and cause internal conflicts in the group. Not to mention, she always advertises that she has a brother-in-law as her boss, so she doesn’t look at anyone, including the head of the department, who directly manages her. My husband called out to talk privately, but he still did not change but also thought that his brother-in-law was strict and pretended to be a boss.

From the moment I took my brother-in-law to work, my husband’s reputation was also affected. Because he was afraid that I would be sad and worried about his wife’s parents, he tried to arrange everything as smoothly as possible. But keep going like this, if Vinh refuses to learn and progress, he will have to fire Vinh sooner or later.

Listening to my husband, I understood why my brother often quits his job. Due to limited capacity but unruly nature, lack of politeness, who can like it. I thought that receiving the help of my brother-in-law would make my brother more grateful and reasonable. Unexpectedly, “the river is easy to change, the nature is hard to move”. Now, should I advise my husband to let her quit her job so that she can repent and learn more and improve her expertise? And if she quits, how do I explain it so that my parents don’t misunderstand my husband?

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