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Apple suddenly changed the pricing strategy of the iPhone 14 series in Vietnam

A series of iPhone 14 series began to reduce prices from 1-2 million VND, pushing the prices of some products to the lowest since the beginning of the year.

Accordingly, for the 128GB version, iPhone 14 decreased from 21.99 million to 19.9 million, iPhone 14 Plus from 23.99 million to 22.99 million, iPhone 14 Pro from 28 million to 26.99 million.

Particularly for the iPhone 14 Pro Max model from 31 million to 29.49 million, a deep decrease since the beginning of the year.
In addition, iPhone 13 is reduced from 19 million to 17.99 million.

“Normally Apple will drop the price of a product in June, midway through the life of the product. However, this decrease is quite unexpected, drastic and unprecedented.”Mr. Nguyen Lac Huy – representative of CellphoneS information.

Apple adjusted the selling price of the iPhone 14 series when the inventory at some retailers was quite high. (Photo: Hai Dang)

With the new discount, a retail chain representative said that the purchasing power of iPhones in general will grow by 20% – 50%. This price puts a lot of pressure on a series of high-end Android products.

According to a retailer, this sale is partly due to the high inventory of iPhone 14 due to abundant supplies and declining demand. In addition, a sharp reduction in selling prices may also be Apple’s strategy to gain market share and compete with newly launched Android models.

Apple’s price reduction took place in the context of Samsung launching the Galaxy S23 series with prices ranging from VND 22.99 to VND 44.99 million. But this price can be reduced from 3-8 million after deducting incentives.

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