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Apple canceled the iPhone SE 4

This weekend, analyst Ming Chi Kuo said that Apple has canceled plans to produce and deliver the new iPhone SE. Before that, he also predicted that the low-cost iPhone model would be killed.

iPhone SE did not achieve sales as expected. (Photo: The Verge)

According to Mr. Kuo, the main reason for this is iPhone SE sales that are lower than Apple’s expectations. In September, Bloomberg reported that the iPhone 14 version usually sells slower than the Pro version. In addition, Apple is worried that if the price increases again, it will affect the demand of price-sensitive customers. iPhone SE 4 is expected to change the design, use an edge-to-edge screen, leading to higher production costs and selling prices.

If in the end, the iPhone SE 4 is not introduced in 2024, this is not a surprise. In March 2022, Nikkei reported that Apple had reduced iPhone SE production compared to the original plan just a few weeks after the device went on sale.

Device sales are a mystery. Therefore, it is understandable if “apple defect” does not want to rush to launch a successor device when it does not bring the desired amount, especially when 2023 seems to be more difficult for technology firms in particular and the economy. Generally speaking.

The gap between iPhone SE versions is not fixed. The iPhone SE 3 is two years behind the iPhone SE 2, while the second and first generation are four years apart.

However, Mr. Kuo’s information may only be for reference when there is one year left until 2024. Besides, even though he is a reputable expert, many times Mr. Kuo is wrong. For example, he repeatedly pushed back the timeframe of Apple’s virtual reality device launch forecast. Most recently, he suggested that the device was once again delayed due to problems with drop testing of mechanical components and software development tools.

(According to The Verge)

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