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An ecosystem of digital platforms will be formed to support businesses in digital transformation

As a small-scale enterprise in Bac Kan province, thanks to the application of high technology in production lines, multi-channel e-commerce and modern customer care system, in 2022 Bac Ha Cucurmin has grown its revenue by about approx. 60% from the previous year. At the same time, this unit is promoting to export products abroad in 2023.

Also in Bac Kan, according to the representative of the Vietnam Institute of Business Administration and Digital Economy under the Vietnam Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (VINASME), by applying technology to bring OCOP products (The program 1 product per commune – PV) indigenous peoples with clear traceability put on reputable e-commerce platforms, Nhung Luy, Thien An, Ngan Son cooperatives… all have an increase. Significant growth in revenue, expansion of production to meet consumption demand.

Similarly, with Dai Thanh Vinh Joint Stock Company, a small-scale enterprise specializing in plastic production, thanks to the use of a digital platform with a closely connected accounting and sales management support system, the business implementation business network smoothly and quickly.

The above cases are just a few small examples of the benefits that small and medium businesses can achieve through digital transformation. However, Vietnamese small and medium enterprises are facing many challenges to transform their operations to the digital environment, including the cost of investment, technology application.

To support businesses in effective digital transformation, the SMEdx Program is committed to providing 3-6 months free of charge to businesses with a size of less than 50 people. (Illustration)

As a program aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises, the SMEdx program, chaired by the Ministry of Information and Communications, will kick off in early 2021. SME businesses can access and choose to use excellent digital platforms assessed by the Ministry. dad. A special feature is that the participating digital platforms are developed and provided by Vietnamese digital technology enterprises.

According to statistics of the Ministry of Information and Communications, by the end of last year, the SMEdx Program had 671,469 businesses approached and participated. The total number of businesses using digital platforms introduced by the program is about 77,000 won, accounting for 12% of the total number of SMEs accessing the program. The average monthly growth rate is about 8%.

2023 has been selected by the Ministry of Information and Communications as the year of digital data in Vietnam. In the field of digital economy and digital society, the Ministry of Information and Communications determines: Based on the results achieved in 2022, 2023 will create a further step forward with a focus on data, as a premise for the following years. creating breakthrough values ​​for digital economy development thanks to the ability to enrich and exploit data.

Specifically, this year, the approach to solutions and tasks to develop the digital economy and digital society will be renewed, with a focus on data. Accordingly, initially systematized and formed an integrated database to serve the measurement of the digital economy and digital society.

In addition to expanding the support object to cooperatives, households, etc., the implementation of the SMEdx Program is also renewed in the direction of forming an ecosystem of digital platforms to support transformational businesses that are capable of integrating combine, communicate, and share data.

The digital platform is an effective tool to help businesses digitally transform, improve their competitiveness, develop and contribute to the country’s socio-economic development. Over the past time, the Ministry of Information and Communications has repeatedly asked ministries, branches and localities to step up guidance for SME businesses to choose the appropriate SMEdx digital platforms.

Associations, associations, agencies and organizations are also encouraged to coordinate with the Ministry of Information and Communications to conduct training on digital transformation, propagate and mobilize businesses to participate in the SMEdx Program, and effectively use platforms. digital platform to improve production and business capacity.

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