Actions of tens of millions and thoughts of hundreds of billions

My family lives in a dormitory in Dong Da district. In the area there is a playground, the kids in the area play ball in that playground. The children’s ball game can last about 2 hours. After each match, every kid was sweating profusely, meeting the next day to divide the team to fight again, the spirit of the young players was no less than Japan and Saudi Arabia in the World Cup.

That playground is also a place for old people to exercise, a place to practice dancing for women and girls to prepare for performances in the ward, and a place to organize events, such as the Mid-Autumn Festival of the neighborhood group, grandchildren. The children who attended all had gifts to take home. A public space, of the community.

Including the working population, Hanoi has perhaps tens of millions of people, the most lacking are playgrounds for children and public spaces for the whole community. Without these playgrounds, the children would stay at home, take the phone or tablet, plug their head into it, less air, less communication. society more, less active.

The need for playgrounds, parks, public spaces, managers, planners, experts have said a lot. Hanoi will need to create more spaces like this. Parks such as perennial parks such as Thong Nhat, Tuoi Tre… are very degraded. Wanting to renovate is the “first” problem.

In the midst of the lack of playgrounds, the press talked a lot about the fact that a park called the Astronomy Park built in Ha Dong district has not been put into use even though it is almost completed. This park has an area of ​​​​12 hectares, the construction cost is hundreds of billions, but people have not used it, children are not allowed to play.

I used to try it out there. The first feeling is pity, the park has a very good idea, with models of the universe, the planets are built – And begin to degrade.

The park is built in an open model, but the surrounding four surfaces are fenced in a rudimentary way, with a few guards guarding, the task is to watch for any kid trying to enter, then chase it out. When I stood there, I saw the scene where the children were brought by their mother, but was extremely disappointed when the park was not open, not allowed to play. A father questioned “Star finished building but not open for people in”, the guard just shook his head “no no no”. The father had to take his daughter home in disappointment.

Readers and writers - Actions of tens of millions and thoughts of hundreds of billions

The children have fun with the renovated playground for only 10 million VND in Phuc Tan, Hanoi. Photo: Quang Thai.

This Astronomical Park is located in a new urban area, with many villas, townhouses and apartments. But the children are not allowed into this playground, not allowed to play.

Meanwhile, in another place, still Hanoi, in Phuc Tan ward, a playground for children was built. I’m also curious to check it out.

This area was formerly considered as the “risky neighborhood” of Hanoi, laborers from all over the world came here and lived. A volunteer group of the network “For a Hanoi worth living” initiated the implementation of this playground. The cost of this playground is less than ten million dong, with toys made from wood, bamboo, and old tires.

Tens of millions, but the children of the “poor neighborhood” have a yard to play, exercise, meet, and argue with. They play and laugh a lot.

Place tens of millions in the area “off the beach”, from the original idea, people do it in a few days. As the press reported, this Astronomy park with a cost of hundreds of billions has not been put into use, because it was built in a wrong way, violating the construction order.

I read that all levels of management with the same owner invest (as Nam Cuong Corporation) is looking for a way, looking for a solution, when there is a reasonable solution, the park is opened, maybe the children can play. This “finding a solution” is also a bit long, even a few years has not been completed.

Hope you guys find a solution soon, the children still have a place to play. Watching the children pass by the Astronomy Park, peering inside, I feel so sorry for you.

Tran Quang Thai (Hanoi)

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