A man does a meaningful job when he knows his ex-wife has a serious illness

On February 7, the South China Morning Post (SCMP) published a story about a couple in China that touched the netizens in this country.

The main character in the story is a man from Shanghai, Eastern China who has been divorced from his wife for 3 years but recently decided to remarry his ex-wife after she was diagnosed with abnormal anemia. fertility, a rare disease.

In late January, the couple registered their marriage for the second time, a day before the woman was admitted to the intensive care unit at a local hospital.

The video of the couple was then shared all over the internet forums society and moved many people, including the scene where the two drove to the local marriage registration office, waited in line for the procedure and placed 2 wedding photos on the table.

“Other couples will often celebrate the day of marriage registration with flowers and wine, and we burst into tears and rush to the hospital in time for treatment,” the husband shared with Sina News.

In addition, the husband also revealed that the two previously divorced just for impulsive reasons, but they still live together and maintain a relationship as a couple.

When he realized his ex-wife’s life was in danger, he immediately asked her to marry him. Despite taking into account the worst-case scenario, the couple decided to remarry before the woman began treatment in the intensive care unit. He hopes to be able to use his love as motivation to help his wife overcome the illness.

Life - A man does a meaningful job when he knows his ex-wife has a serious illness

The woman is receiving treatment with stable health. Photo: Weibo.

After holding the marriage certificate in hand, the couple went to the hospital together. The husband said that his wife is receiving treatment with stable health.

The video of the couple quickly attracted great attention from Chinese netizens. Many people expressed their admiration and sympathy for them, and offered their best wishes to the couple.

“A true love in modern life. It’s wonderful”, one person left a comment.

“I hope they have a happy ending,” said another.

Recently, touching love stories of couples have often attracted attention on social networks in China. Last week, a man in the province Ha NamCentral China, after getting drunk, went to beg his wife’s parents to convince his wife to wean her 2-year-old child because she felt that the woman was too hard.

Or like the story of a couple in Jiangxi, Eastern China, who canceled the divorce decision because the woman was infected Covid-19 and was taken care of by her husband during this time.

Previously, she had filed for divorce and was in the “30 days of mediation” period before completing the marriage termination procedure. If favorable, the two will officially receive the divorce certificate around mid-January or early February this year.

In the meantime, the couple is still living in the same house and the wife finds out she has Covid-19. Days later, she was touched by the care and concern her husband gave her. In the end, the couple exchanged and withdrew the divorce application.

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