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5 signs your phone is infected with a virus and how to handle it

Phone After a long time of use, different phenomena may arise. But if your phone is infected with malicious code or virus, the accounts social network, even your personal information will be at stake. Here are the signs your phone has been damaged viral infectionplease refer to it for the fastest way to handle it.

Signs your phone is infected with a virus

– Ads don’t go away on their own

If you suddenly see a lot of ads in a particular app, or even when there are no apps open, your phone may have been infected with adware. These ads may ask you to click on them to make your device worse with malware, or link to phishing websites.

– The device is hotter than usual

Your device becomes hotter to the touch even when not in use. When you accidentally download malware, the hardware inside the device immediately starts working harder to “support” the embedded malware or virus. This causes your device to get hot to the touch or even very hot.

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– Suddenly appeared an upgrade request message

This phenomenon occurs when accessing the website using the phone’s browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera. Your phone will automatically jump to new notifications with things like: “Your Android phone is too old, so you should upgrade to new software now”, “Your device is too slow to download new software” , “Your phone is infected with a virus. Need to scan now!”. Accompanied by the phone vibrating strongly, emitting strange ringtones and sexy images, …

These notifications are actually created by Hackers, in order to trick users into following the actions guided in the notification. Thereby stealing information, stealing money from accounts or even appropriating the right to use the user’s machine. Therefore, you absolutely should never click on any pop-up ads if you do not want the smartphone to become even more sluggish.

– Calls are interrupted and connection is poor

If your phone has been infected with malware, an outgoing connection to a foreign server may prevent your phone from maintaining a stable Wi-Fi or mobile connection, resulting in poor connection quality and calls. frequently interrupted. If other devices on the same Wi-Fi connection work properly, then malware may already be present on your phone.

– Suspicious application

Sometimes, an app you download may contain malware that installs additional programs. Take a look at your apps list and make sure you recognize the apps you’ve downloaded. If you see something suspicious, don’t open it.

How to handle when the phone is infected with a virus

If your phone is unfortunately infected with a virus, you can immediately apply the following solutions:

– Scan virus

If you can’t find anything suspicious on your own, you may need the help of a good antivirus program like BitDefender, Kaspersky, Norton, and McAfee. These programs are all designed to identify and remove any malware it finds.

– Reset device

One of the effective ways to deal with a virus-infected phone is to restore it to factory settings. This will wipe your data and remove any malware in the process. If you have a backup copy of your data from before your device was infected with a virus, you can try to restore it to that point.

As a general rule, you should only grant access to the features your app needs. Furthermore, you should also keep your device up to date and never install apps from sources other than the App Store (iPhone) and Play Store (Android). These notes will ensure your phone is more secure against malicious software found on the internet.

How to prevent your phone from getting a virus?

– Stay away from application software of unknown origin, do not install Crack games and applications.

– Do not go to websites and applications with deceptive advertising to install malicious software on your phone.

– Remove all strange software. To ensure safety, you should only install really necessary applications such as Facebook, Messenger, Zalo, Zing Mp3 … downloaded from the application store.

– Be wary of attachments and only open them from trusted sources (do the same with embedded links).

– Be wary of emails that look like they’re coming from companies you’re working with.

If something slightly different happens to any activity you’re doing on your phone, question it right away and ask yourself if continuing to be worth the trade-off in phone functionality, or a the amount of data it is holding.

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